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The history of Plus Appliance Repair service center began, we can already say, back in 2007. At that time, the future founder of the service center James Smith had just graduated from college and after an internship at the factory decided to try his hand at refrigeration repair. We will not go into the details of all the twists and turns that happened at the initial stage of work, but the main thing is that everything worked out.

For a long time the company was repairing only refrigerators, both domestic and industrial, and to be more specific – trade refrigerated cabinets. Many professional masters were trained and experienced, some of them work for the company to the present day, i.e. experience of some masters in our company exceeds 15 years.

Some masters decided to start their own activities and even opened their own refrigerator repair companies. We keep friendly relations with them, although in fact we have become competitors. But this only confirms that the level of our company is high enough and our masters can not only repair the appliances expertly, but even start their own business. It is a law of the market: a strong company, leading the market, always breeds competitors who have grown up in that company.

At the beginning of the 2010s, the company started buying and selling refrigerators in addition to repairing them. It turned out somehow, by itself. Some customers regularly offered their old refrigerators for parts, while others wondered if we had an inexpensive refrigerator lying around. Even nowadays not everyone can afford to buy a new refrigerator, but back then this problem was even more acute. So, in general, and began the development of another direction – the store used refrigerators. A little later used refrigerators were joined by used shop equipment and later our assortment was broadened by new shop equipment.

At the beginning of 2015 it was decided that the company will develop not only in the direction of repair and purchase and sale of refrigerators and refrigeration equipment, but will expand its activities to the entire range of household appliances and the most “marketable” commercial equipment.

Today, Plus Appliance Repair Service Centre is one of the largest service centers in the city of Toronto for post-warranty repair of large and small appliances, commercial, industrial and food service equipment.

The fact that organized buying, storage, production and delivery of large household appliances in such quantity is not so easy. There was a time when we ourselves faced a crisis of growth, and in fact we could no longer cope with the demands of customers. But having realized the problem, we restructured our work so that within a year we managed to increase production almost threefold and reach another level.

Plans SC Plus Appliance Repair to continue development in all directions. Apart from repair of household appliances we plan to open a branch on repair of digital and computer technique, power and gasoline tools and several other kinds of technique which our clients always ask about. And in the future to make the purchase and sale of this equipment.

We have started to develop our service in the direction of getting manufacturers’ authorizations for the equipment. Today our company has got authorizations of many brands and it is planned to get some more authorizations of other famous brands. Of course the company plans to open new appliance stores in Toronto… So the story of our company is just beginning.