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I’m a trauma-informed psychotherapist who helps you learn how to feel and deal with your emotions so you can use them as strengths to make the difference you are meant to make in this world.

The smile you wear everyday on the outside is wearing you down on the inside. You’ve accomplished a lot, yet you still feel like you’re coming up short. At the root of your anxiety is a familiar sense that you’re not good enough unless you make something of yourself. It pushes you to excel at work, but it riddles you with doubt in your relationships and makes it hard to be honest about how you feel. You hold your feelings back from the people you love because you don’t want to burden them. So you keep your struggles to yourself. This is the way it’s always been, but you’re reaching a breaking point.

In therapy, we’ll give your emotional needs the care and repair they always deserved. The parts of you that are sensitive and need support are the source of your strength. I’m trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Somatic Experiencing, two therapies that use your mind, body and emotion to transform your trauma into growth.

I know you’ve already done important inner work to reach the decision to seek counselling. In therapy, I’ll create space where this inner work is held with the warmth and respect it deserves. Book a free 15-minute phone consultation now so you can be confident about starting therapy together. None of us are meant to do this journey alone.