The Canadian Dog Whisperer


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Bruce Warrington Canadian Dog Whisperer

Educator of Dog Psychology

I teach dog psychology to humans. I don’t teach dogs anything; they know how exactly how to be a dog. I teach humans the canine way, to see our world through the eyes of their dogs.

As two very different animals, humans and dogs are obviously on totally different wave lengths. Canines don’t speak using words; we don’t use our tails or ears to communicate. Where humans may hit each other, yell or raise their voices to express themselves; dogs growl, nip and bite to articulate their feelings. They have no logic or the ability to reason like us. Canines are reactors. They react to whatever is presented to them: in a split-second. Humans are processors. We take in new information and process it through our minds; taking much longer to adjust to new things.

Since they are unable to communicate on our level we must therefore learn how to communicate using the canine system. When humans cease trying to humanize dogs, learn to understand the canine mind and to communicate in their language, our relationships become stronger. No different than if two humans who spoke different languages suddenly learned to speak the same language.

When a dog owner learns to communicate with their dog, the canine way, a bridge between dog and owner is suddenly created.